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Developers, Data Scientists, and Creators:

Mitta is an open-source DAG-pipeline framework created by one of the founders of Loggly, operating as a SaaS. It simplifies the development and scaling of AI applications from prototyping to production.

The platform supports a wide range of AI models and uses Jinja2 templates to quickly craft complex prompts for pipelines.

Mitta processes documents and data with containerized, asynchronous task queues for scalability and serverless efficiency. It integrates with OpenAI, MistralAI, Google Gemini, TogetherAI, Perplexity, ElevenLabs for speech models, and Google's Document and Vision APIs.

Mitta offers custom AI processors, including AI crawlers, AI file conversion utilities, and AI file readers. These tools allow efficient handling of tasks such as web crawling, reading PDFs, data extraction, and file transformations.

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