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As the founder, developer, and designer of MittaAI, I leverage almost three decades of tech industry experience. More than 21 years ago, I launched Grub, the pioneering Open Source web crawler and the first to decentralize internet crawling. Discover more about Grub's history on Wikipedia, who's holding company eventually aquired the technology. My extensive background in Search and AI fueled the creation of Mitta, an innovative AI operations pipeline and AI-enhanced user interface.

Mitta offers comprehensive functions for building diverse AI agents with ease. Whether it's web crawling, indexing PDFs, storing data in a database, querying over 25 language models, transcribing audio, synthesizing speech and images, or converting media files across 100+ formats, Mitta provides an extensive array of capabilities for AI projects.

The concept for MittaAI was inspired by my experiences founding Loggly and working at Splunk, focusing on simplifying and enhancing user workload management, regardless of scale.

MittaAI's journey, as a bootstrapped venture, reflects the immense support from my family and friends. To stay informed about our developments, follow us on Twitter at @mittacorp and @campbellkord.

Kord Campbell

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