Hello and Welcome,

I'm Kord Campbell, founder of MittaAI. It's important to me that you know how seriously we take your privacy; your information is safe with us. Over the last three decades, I've dedicated myself to exploring the leading edges of technology. My journey began with Grub, the first Open Source web crawler to decentralize internet crawling, laying the groundwork for today's AI-driven innovations.

At MittaAI, we're now focusing on leveraging this vast experience to offer consultancy services for building AI based frameworks and application frontends. Our partnership with Ammo Group allows us to combine technical prowess with cutting-edge AI marketing strategies, providing a comprehensive approach to developing intelligent AI workflows and user interfaces that are not only functional but also highly engaging.

This pivot reflects both my personal experiences in the tech industry and a vision for the future where AI enhances every aspect of how businesses interact with their customers. With MittaAI's robust DAG-based AI pipeline platform, we're poised to transform, index, store, and retrieve all types of documents, supporting your projects with the depth of knowledge and technical capability that few can match.

For updates and insights, follow us on Twitter @mittacorp and @campbellkord, and let's connect on LinkedIn. I'm excited to explore how we can work together to bring your AI visions to life.

Dedicated to innovation,

Kord Campbell